how to extract each image with white color into separate sections as shown below?enter image description here

from the picture above, there will be nine separate section after the extract

I have tried several algorithms such as fillgrid but not exactly what I expected.

so that I could store every sections into a PostGIS database as polygon geometry

What algorithm can I use? or maybe there is a function in java or postgis library?


This thread may help you but I think you could do this by finding the differences in colour in your image.


You need to "polygonise" your raster data into vectors.

One such tool is from GDAL, with a method originally in C++, but also has bindings to Java.

Some further hints on using the Polygonize method is that you will need to classify values of your raster as "NO DATA" values, then polygonise the remaining data portion. The resulting polygon can be placed in most geospatial vector formats, including a PostGIS database.

Another solution is to load the image into PostGIS raster, then use either ST_Polygon or ST_DumpAsPolygons to do essentially the same task as GDALPolygonize, but with fewer options.

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