i am using Axis2 as a REST webservice to a mobile app, i am writing a Handler for security that goes into a custom phase of the Axis2 IN flow, and i am having some troubles getting the POST parameters from the request; I am able to successfully retrieve those parameters when using a GET method, but in POST case, all i am getting is null values. Any help is highly appreciated

here is my code snippet :

public InvocationResponse invoke(MessageContext mc) throws AxisFault {
    AxisMessage axisMessage = mc.getAxisMessage();

    System.out.println("***SecurityHandler Starting***");
    HttpServletRequest req =(HttpServletRequest)mc.getProperty(HTTPConstants.MC_HTTP_SERVLETREQUEST);
    System.out.println("Method : "+req.getMethod());

    String username = req.getParameter(ARG_LOGIN);
    System.out.println("User login : "+ username);// User login : null
HttpServletRequest obj = (HttpServletRequest)msgContext .
  if (obj != null) {
   System.out.println("Method :"+ obj.getMethod());
   System.out.println("Content-type :" +obj.getContentType());
   System.out.println("Content-length :"+obj.getContentLength());
   System.out.println("Remote addtress"+obj.getSession().getLastAccessedTime());  

Check this post[1]

[1] http://vvratha.blogspot.com/2013/08/extracting-http-level-information-in.html

  • Thanks for your answer but the constant HTTPConstants.MC_HTTP_SERVLETREQUEST value is "transport.http.servletRequest", my problem is specifically with the POST parameters; obj.getParameter(ARG_LOGIN) is null, all the other values are fine (Method, ContentType, ContentLength ...) I might be wrong but it's like at the moment i'm intercepting the flow, the parameters are not parsed yet – Guerneen4 Mar 24 '14 at 10:38

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