This may seem like a silly question but does anyone know how to zoom in/out of the editor window in android studio? I have actually researched it before people give me minus marks. Ctrl+ and Ctrl- seem to fold and unfold methods, there is no zoom control in the view drop-down and all the googleing ive done has referred my to zoom the control feature of a WebView. Am i missing something?


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Modify the settings of the android studio as shown below

Step 1: Open Android Studio and Go to File

Step 2: Open Settings

Step 3: Click on Editor

Step 4: Click General

Step 5: Check Change font size (Zoom) with Ctrl+Mouse Wheel (as shown in below snapshot)

enter image description here

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    thanks bro you save my time but this just change the font of that file only where we increase font by our mouse but anyway it is very good Commented Sep 8, 2015 at 19:11
  • @yasiriqbal776: In the current version there is an option to adjust all windows. ... My question is why is the default disabled (to not adjust font size via ctrl mouse wheel)? Who would be bothered by having that as an option? Youngsters with good eye sight maybe.
    – steve
    Commented Mar 21 at 21:20

In Preferences > Editor, there's an option "Change font size (Zoom) with Command+Mouse Wheel". (I'm on MacOS; on other platforms it might be control+mouse wheel).

You can also go into Preferences > Keymap > Editor Actions > Decrease Font Size/Increase Font Size/Reset Font Size and bind some keys to those commands.

IntelliJ and Android Studio have decent built-in search for finding application functions. In the preferences dialog, you can just start typing to do search (you can just start typing from a lot of places in the UI to begin a search); there's also a search box.

There's a key binding for searching actions by name; on MacOS it's command-shift-A. That's a super-handy feature.

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    +1 There's a key binding for searching actions by name; on MacOS it's command-shift-A. That's a super-handy feature. on windows it's ctrl+shift+a Commented Nov 11, 2014 at 8:30
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    How to get it back to the default size?
    – Ethan_AI
    Commented Feb 9, 2016 at 22:33
  • On MacOS there is a slight bug where if you have this option enabled, if you press command after a trackpad scroll, it will change the font size until the scroll settles. It is annoying and I have it disabled for this reason.
    – user2154462
    Commented Feb 21, 2016 at 15:03

When i update the android studio to the latest version now 2.0 the font changed and became bigger.

the provided solutions allow a change of font size just for the current page (opened page) if you want to change your entire font size of android studio you have to do this :

go to Settings>Editor>Colors&Fonts>Font

then click on "save as" and create a new profile name it "my profile" for example

enter image description here

and finally you can put the font of that profile, i put 12 so it was the previous version


There is a alternative way to do zoom of my code, using View --> Enter presentation Mode

enter image description here


On a 2016 Macbook air without an external mouse, do the accepted answer, and pinch on the trackpad to shrink the text, reverse pinch to enlarge.


For MacBook Users:

To change font size:

Select **Android Studio** menu (which is present next to Apple icon)-->Preferences--->Editor-->Font-->Size(give size)-->ok

To zoom in and out in Editor:

Select **Android Studio** menu -->Editor-->General-->change font size (zoom) with command and mouse wheel-->ok

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