I can only make a successful search if both the genre and the artist parameters are present, but I want to be able if one of them is not.

param. present ->       genre      artist      both                            
working                                         x
not working               x          x
SELECT cover,id,price FROM songs WHERE genre=? && artist=? ORDER BY title DESC

I tried to check, put, and play with 'NULL' values and 'OR' statements everywhere, but it didn't work out.

Keep in mind, I have simplified this greatly, and because there are in fact much more categories present, an 'if/else' solution with a database query for each combination is not economical.

SELECT cover,id,price FROM songs WHERE (genre=?) OR (artist=?)

will cover the situations where

  1. only genre is present
  2. only artist is present
  3. both are present
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