I am doing ARM assembly programming using Metrowerks Codewarrior 1.2. But the IDE stopped working all of a sudden and showing an error when trying to run or debug the application. I searched for any new version of the software that had fixed it but cannot find any. How can I fix this error?

I cannot even open the AXD Debugger separately and load the compiled image of the project as the load image link is disabled in the AXD Debugger.

enter image description here

According to this http://www.retinapost.com/error-87-the-parameter-is-incorrect-xp.php something is corrupted in your Windows installation (not sure if this is really the problem, but you can give it a try). According to this article, there is a program to fix that, but I'll first of all try to restore the OS to a previous known good state.

DISCLAIMER: If you really want to use it, scan it with your antivirus software, and also run it through virustotal.com. I'm not responsible if this tool is really malware.

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