I would love to import an old university project to github. The version control was handled SVN, and my access to the server is long gone.

All I have is the latest up-to-date copy of the files, along with a file containing the output of svn log. To me this seems like enough data to somehow restore the entire history of the repository. Does anyone know if there is some way of doing this? Either by re-creating a SVN repo, or by converting directly to git.

I used TortoiseSVN on the local working copy if that helps (still has the .svn folder).


It doesn't seem to be possible, since SVN is centralized, meaning the actual content of the older versions are on a SVN server.

This differs from a decentralized VCS like git, where all the version contents are stored within the .git folder.

You can create a git repo with the latest versions of those file, and go from there.

  • That makes sense. I should have thought about the lack of content itself... Thanks. – Will Sewell Mar 23 '14 at 14:19

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