I'm trying to display the contents of a folder on my local HDD as links in a web browser. This is how I get the contents of a folder

$dir = scandir($path);
            foreach($dir as $token)
                if(($token != ".") && ($token != ".."))
                        $folders[] = $token;
                        $files[] = $token;
            foreach($folders as $folder)
                $newpath = $path.'/'.$folder;
                echo "<a href = tema2.php?cale=$newpath> [ $folder ] </a>" . "<br>";
            foreach($files as $file)
                $newpath = $path.'/'.$file;
                echo "<a href = file:///$newpath> $file </a>" . "<br>";

Everything works fine except the links to the files which do nothing when pressed. The links that show up in my web browser are like this : "file:///C:/folder/test.txt". Tried this is Firefox, Chrome and IE.


If the file is outside of the scope of the web server's folder it will not be able to access the file to deliver it.

You can either create a file handler to deliver the files:

so change echo "<a href = file:///$newpath> $file </a>" . "<br>";

to echo "<a href = \"fileHandler.php?file=$file\"" . "<br>";

and create fileHandler.php as:

    $file = $_GET['file'];
    Header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=" . $file); //to set download filename

or bypass the web server and link to file directly (this will only work over LAN or VPN)

so change echo "<a href = file:///$newpath> $file </a>" . "<br>";

to echo "<a href ='$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]/$newpath/$file'>$file</a><br />"

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  • I tried the filehandler and it doesn't work. If what you say is true then why would it work because filehandler.php still wouldn't have access outside the web server folder . – Adrian Buzea Mar 23 '14 at 15:49
  • apache can't move above its root as defined in the apache configuration file (usually /var/www/sites-available on *nix systems) but the php can (provided it has permission to access the folder), that's the beauty of a file handler, it allows you to keep your private and public files separate while still being able to deliver certain private files – andrew Mar 23 '14 at 15:55
  • Actually it works, but in a weird way. When I click on a file it prompts me to download filehandler.php which has the contents of the file inside. – Adrian Buzea Mar 23 '14 at 15:57
  • that is what the line header('content-type:application/'.end(explode('.',$file))); is for, its an instruction to tell php to serve up the file, rather than displaying its contents in the browser – andrew Mar 23 '14 at 16:01
  • well yeah but i don't want to download a php file and then open that... i understand what the code is trying to do but i'm not sure i'm getting the desired result – Adrian Buzea Mar 23 '14 at 16:03

This will not work

you cant link a file outside of Apache's htdocs folder

2 options :

1) move the files you need to htdocs

2) use virtual hosts / DocumentRoot


Make XAMPP/Apache serve file outside of htdocs

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I circumvent this by creating symbolic links in the apache document folder to any folders containing content I wish to share. So say I want to serve up files from "Z:/Media/", I create a symbolic link named "Media" within "D:/Server/HTTP/" (my Apache document root folder) and then I can serve a file from there such as "/Media/Movies/Fargo.mp4".

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