How can I update my Sails.js framework (installed on OSX) to newest version using terminal/command line?

npm update [-g] [<name> [<name> ...]]

This command will update all the packages listed to the latest version (specified by the tag config). It will also install missing packages.

If the -g flag is specified, this command will update globally installed packages.

So for you, I guess that would be: npm update sails or sudo npm -g update sails depending on how and where you installed it.


To update to the latest stable version:

npm update sails

or, if you've installed it globally, it would be:

sudo npm update -g sails

to install globally. This will overwrite any existing install.

  • When the full version 0.10 will be released? Would like to update my sails version to 0.10.0 – Mahahari Jun 12 '14 at 10:17

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