If I'm editing a file in vim, and I want to create a vertical split and open a new file in the right-hand side of the split, is there a way to do that with a single command? If I do:

:vsp filename.txt

Then it opens the file in the left-hand side of the split.


You can set the following to open new split panes to right

:set splitright

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    Just to add to that, :set splitbelow will be the vertical version of splitright – Dylanthepiguy Jul 19 '18 at 7:45
:bo[tright] vs filename

does what you want.

You can add the two lines below to your ~/.vimrc to make that the default behavior:

set splitbelow
set splitright

Well, we used to

:vsp filename.txt

to open another window in vim. Then you can use

ctrl+w r

to swap the two window



:botright vnew filename.txt

As seen in http://technotales.wordpress.com/2010/04/29/vim-splits-a-guide-to-doing-exactly-what-you-want/

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