I am trying to update my eclipse environment to java 8. I installed the jdk and jre version 8. I also did this:


then in project -> properties -> java build path -> JRE system libraries -> edit -> execution environment -> JavaSE-1.8(unbound) which is the only option that has java 8 in its name. but when I select it it says : No JREs in workspace compatible with specified execution environment: JavaSE-1.8


Go to Window | Preferences. Then under Java | Installed JREs, click "Add", click "Standard VM", then "Next", then "Directory", and find the location where you installed JDK 1.8.

Lastly, make sure the checkbox next to it, on the list of installed JREs, is switched on.

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  • could you explain the difference between Standard VM/ Execution Environment VM? – avck Mar 28 '16 at 9:03
  • @avck You'll probably get a good answer to that if you ask it as a separate question, so that a larger number of people see it. – Dawood ibn Kareem Mar 28 '16 at 9:44
  • If you use SDKMAN, the locations are $HOME/.sdkman/candidates/java/... – Jan Nielsen May 26 at 17:37

In OS X, go to Preference and choose Java | Installed JREs. Then click search it would show JAVA SE 8 if you have already installed JAVA SDK 8. enter image description here

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I would like to precise something. If you installed java8 with apt-get like me, the jdk is add to /usr/lib/jvm.

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