just switched to sublime and have installed the SFTP package.

What i want is to be able to do is: shift + command + U and then that will uploaded the file i am viewing.

I have looked in the key bindings file and saw this:

    { "keys": ["super+ctrl+u","super+ctrl+f"], "command": "sftp_upload_file" },
{ "keys": ["super+ctrl+u","super+ctrl+r"], "command": "sftp_upload_folder" },
{ "keys": ["super+ctrl+u","super+ctrl+y"], "command": "sftp_sync_up" },
{ "keys": ["super+ctrl+u","super+ctrl+n"], "command": "sftp_upload_open_files" },
{ "keys": ["super+ctrl+u","super+ctrl+m"], "command": "sftp_monitor_file" },

But that makes no sense to me.

They all start with the same "super+ctrl+u" I cant seem to find any information about this.



Each of those keybindings are two multi-key presses.

I.E. Press super+ctrl+u at the same time, then release, then press super+ctrl+f at the same time.

Or, if you don't like those, remap the commands to different keybindings.

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