I need to install the pcre-devel package to compile lighttpd on Ubuntu:

configure: error: pcre-config not found, install the pcre-devel package or build with --without-pcre

Can you please tell me how to do that?

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Try using apt-cache search, e.g.,

sudo apt-cache search pcre

For me this turns up a lot so I grep for the keyword dev.

This turns up libpcre3-dev and libpcre++-dev.

lighttpd will use one of those no doubt.

So if your search shows libpcre3-dev, you can install using:
sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev

However, is there any reason you're compiling lighttpd yourself?
Why not install using apt-get?
Including lighttpd-dev, lighttpd-doc and some related modules.

  • Thank you. I get it to run and use 'lighttpd.conf' (provided in doc directory). But when I hit the browser with '' I can't see anything. Any idea? ps -ef |grep lighttpd root 10315 1 0 18:06 ? 00:00:00 ./lighttpd -f lighttpd.conf – silverburgh Feb 15 '10 at 2:25
  • Check the log files. Make sure there is nothing else using the port configured in lighttpd.conf. Check the configuration file as well. – Matt Feb 15 '10 at 20:08

On Ubuntu 9.10:

$ apt-cache search pcre | grep -- -dev
libpcre3-dev - Perl 5 Compatible Regular Expression Library - development files
libghc6-pcre-light-dev - Haskell library for Perl 5-compatible regular expressions
libghc6-regex-base-dev - GHC 6 library providing an API for regular expressions
libpcre++-dev - C++ wrapper class for pcre (development)
libpcre-ocaml-dev - OCaml bindings for PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression)

That would be libpcre3-dev for C, or libpcre++-dev for C++.

By the same token, the lighthttpd already exists as well:

$ apt-cache search lighttpd
collectd - statistics collection and monitoring daemon
lighttpd - A fast webserver with minimal memory footprint
lighttpd-dev - Development files for lighttpd
lighttpd-doc - Documentation for lighttpd
lighttpd-mod-cml - Cache meta language module for lighttpd
lighttpd-mod-magnet - Control the request handling module for lighttpd
lighttpd-mod-mysql-vhost - MySQL-based virtual host configuration for lighttpd
lighttpd-mod-trigger-b4-dl - Anti-deep-linking module for lighttpd
lighttpd-mod-webdav - WebDAV module for lighttpd
mongrel-cluster - Mongrel plugin to manage a cluster of Mongrel servers
mono-fastcgi-server - ASP.NET backend for FastCGI webservers - default version
mono-fastcgi-server1 - ASP.NET 1.1 backend for FastCGI webservers
mono-fastcgi-server2 - ASP.NET 2.0 backend for FastCGI webservers

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