I asked the following question on darwin-dev in July 2011 and received no response. Now I am asking here:

I would like to know whether pthreads PTHREAD_PRIO_INHERIT mutexes on Mac OS X can be used to avoid priority inversion between normal-band and real-time band threads. My primary use-case is communcation between normal-band UI threads and CoreAudio real-time band IOProcs.

The OS X Kernel Programming Guide (2006, page 73) says that pthreads APIs only deal with priorities in the normal band. Therefore I'm unclear on whether PTHREAD_PRIO_INHERIT mutexes can inherit priority from THREAD_TIME_CONSTRAINT_POLICY threads.

I found a message on [the darwin-dev] list from 2003 where Jim Magee said that priority inheritance is implemented for kernel mutexes, and that other mechanisms were "in the very early formative stages." I'd be interested to hear where this is up to: http://lists.apple.com/archives/darwin-development/2003/Jan/msg00215.html

In summary, my questions are:

Does Mac OS X have a user-space mutex priority inheritance mechanism that can be used to avoid priority inversion between normal and real-time band threads?

Can a PTHREAD_PRIO_INHERIT mutex be reliably used for this purpose? Put another way: Can PTHREAD_PRIO_INHERIT mutexes inherit priorities from THREAD_TIME_CONSTRAINT_POLICY threads?

Supplementary question: is PTHREAD_PRIO_INHERIT known to work correctly for normal-band threads on OS X?

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