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Im trying to integrate lame lib in my application in order to record audio in mp3 format. Today android don't support mp3 encoding natively however with some digging i have found that i can use lame lib but the problem is , lame lib is in c code. after more reading i found out the only way to make it work correctly is to use the c code into my project compile it as a library useing NDK through JNI or something like that.

My problem is that i don't really understand all this NDK and JNI and most importantly i don't know how to run native code with ANDROID STUDIO! I when to this page and read a bit about it but still they don't mention there how to do it in android studio. i am really confuse here.

My questions are:

-Please how can I integrate NDK with ANDROID studio (as far as i have read some are more lucky because its easier with Eclipse which i dont use)

-Is there any other way to use or to import the lameLib into my project without NDK?

Thank you

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There are two steps you need to take

1: Create the JNI wrappers

You should read about JNI. It's complicated. The best way to generate wrappers for a large project is to use Swig to auto generate them. I recommend following the swig android tutorial to learn swig. http://www.swig.org/Doc2.0/Android.html

2: Run ndk-build automatically in Android Studio

See my answer to another question for detailed instructions on how to set up ndk with Android Studio.

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