I'm using chicagoboss for web development. To test some test modules I would like to change my current directory to something else. I know I can change directory by specifying full path to to cd("full path"). Suppose I'm in a directory "/home/user/workspace/myproject/myapp/" where I'm running myproject project.But now I want to check my current location using erlang shell.

Is there any function/command in erlang to get current working directory? In python I was using os.getcwd().

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    You may have better success in the long run if you look up priv_dirs. Each application in Erlang has a private directory for static data. Highly useful in some cases, though it is not directly what you are asking for. – I GIVE CRAP ANSWERS Mar 26 '14 at 19:52


{ok, CurrentDirectory} = file:get_cwd().

Also check out erldocs.com to quickly look up functions in the Erlang documentation.


Use the command:


More text to get to the Stackoverflow minimum

  • Note that this prints out the directory and returns ok – radrow Oct 3 at 11:48

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