I got a huge problem with the Android Development Tools ADT running in Eclipse Galileo (3.5.1) on Ubuntu 9.10, 64bit.
[Edit: as well on Ubuntu 10.10 and Eclipse Helios up to the latest 3.6.2!]

On this platform, I do not manage to see any property edit dialogs for layout properties. E.g. the one where you can select a string resource ID for text fields, or a drawable ID for image fields or backgrounds.

Whenever I click on the ... button next to the property value - nothing happens, except this button disappears. Properties with a list of possible values, e.g. "wrap_content" or "fill_parent" are displayed in a dropdown box directly in the properties field.

On a different system I work in a Windows environment with Eclipse 3.4 and the same ADT: no problems whatsoever, everything works fine, the dialogs come perfectly.

Does anyone know what to do here? Where's the problem? Why does Eclipse not tell me that something goes wrong?


NEW DISCOVERIES: I found out that it might not even be an Android problem, but a general Eclipse problem that I can see with all version (Ganymede, Galileo, Helios) on my Linux (Ubuntu) system. It must be a simple UI problem: the button with ... next to the values does not receive the mouse click!! I managed to see the appropriate dialogs to edit the property values by doubleclicking the button - crazy, strange, ugly behavior! But why on earth does nobody else know about this problem - I cannot find anything else on the net about it! Could it be related to this strange "GDK native window problem" on Gnome? HELP!

  • Did you check if any of the toolbox (Eclipse or Java for starter) is in 32-bits instead of 64? – VonC Feb 15 '10 at 12:07
  • Eclipse is 64bit - downloaded and installed it in any flavor (Java EE, Java, Classic), definitely 64bit. Whereas the JDK is installed using the standard package manager Ubuntu comes with. I am pretty sure it's 64bit, too. Will look later! – Zordid Feb 15 '10 at 12:11
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Edit (just to complete the answer):
Within the property when focused on the value, press Tab followed by Space. Reason: Tab moves to the small "..." button behind the value and Space depresses it.

  • Hey! Almost!! When the ... Button is there (so you are editing the entry) - press Tab and THEN Spacebar! Gee, works! But still: why don't they get rid of this annoying BUG!!!!!???? – Zordid Dec 15 '10 at 19:07

Okay, I will now get rid of this open question - but still, it is a bug that I discovered here which I cannot find anywhere else and I don't know where to post.

The "..." button next to a property's value is not really "not clickable", it is "hard to click". With a quick double-click I am able to "reach" the handler, to let it act upon this event and the dialog box for editing a property's value opens.

But still: this is only the case on Linux with all available Eclipse versions. So I am not sure whether it's the Android Plugin's fault or Eclipse's fault... sigh

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