I have a function that gets a class passed to it as a parameter. I would like to get the class name of the passed class as a string.

I tried putting this method in the passed class:

function getClassName()
        return __CLASS__;

but if the class is extended I assumed this would return the name of the subclass but it still returns the name of the super class which I find kind of odd.

So given a $var passed to a function as a parameter, is there a way to get a string of the class name?



See get_class, that should be exactly what you're trying to achieve.

$class_name = get_class($object);

Simplest way how to get Class name without namespace is:

$class = explode('\\', get_called_class());
echo end($class);

Or with preg_replace

echo preg_replace('/.*([\w]+)$/U', '$1', get_called_class());

__ CLASS __ with return the name of the class the method is implemented in.

If you want to get the class name of an object passed then you can use:


Also, if you're using PHP5 then the Reflection classes provided are also useful.


Use get_class:

$className = get_class($object);

Straight from the php docs: http://uk.php.net/manual/en/function.get-class.php


abstract class bar {
    public function __construct()

class foo extends bar {

new foo;


The above example will output:

string(3) "foo"
string(3) "bar"

you could also add a method into the passed class(es) returning this:


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