I have 2 files that won't go away in the Changes view. If I look at the diff, it just tells me the committed version has LF line endings and the local version has CRLF line endings. I'm working on a Mac and I understand linux based systems use LF line endings and Windows use CRLF. Is there someway I can just convert these 2 files so all the line endings are LF?


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git config core.autocrlf true

did the trick in my case, see https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/help/handling-lf-and-crlf-line-endings.html

I had the issue on Windows because I checked out the project using a Cygwin git.exe and IntelliJ used a git.exe from msysGit. Changing the git.exe under Settings -> Version Control -> Git -> Path to Git executable fixed the problem.

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    I also had this issue and this helped but I did have to revert all improper line endings so that the diff showed no more differences. – Scott Mar 23 '17 at 18:04

In your case, you could:

  • convert those files

  • set core.autocrlf to input:

    git config core.autocrlf input
  • reset it (make sure you don't have any work in progress)

    git rm --cached -r .
    git reset --hard

See more at "git replacing LF with CRLF".

I had this issue on windows when repository was cloned using Cygwin (even with git config core.autocrlf true).

After re-cloning the repository with GitBash (configured as git config core.autocrlf true), the problem went away.

Simple and quick solution to is - Shelve & Unshelve the changes. Works for me every time.


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After a lot of trial and error, this following list finally works on windows:

  • IntelliJ settings->version control->git path to git executable should use the git.exe in c:\cygwin\bin
  • IntelliJ settings->version control->git ssh executable 'native'.
  • edit environment variables to your account on windows add to path: c:\cygwin\bin and c:\cygwin
  • get rid of the .idea in the project directory if it's already there. (very important !)
  • restart intellij, open the project directory again.

So now the local changes won't show the 'identical content' files, and the 'pull' and 'push' are all working from IntelliJ. And I don't have to go to cygwin to do the chore anymore.

If the project is being worked on both Linux and Windows, make sure the following setting is followed: Make sure you have this setting (git config -l) in the cygwin window: core.autocrlf=input

on linux in order for things to work properly you also have to have this setting as well: core.autocrlf=input

this is how to set it: git config --global core.autocrlf input


There seems to be an issue when you git clone the repository via Cygwin git executable and IntelliJ uses the git exectuable at C:\Program Files\Git\bin\git.exe.

I solved this by cloning the project again via intellij (ctrl-shift-a : "check out from version control" -> Git).

Now everything seems to be in order and I can't see any changes until Version Control.

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