I am able to successfully build solution. but i keep getting this when i try to start debugging or executing it. any suggestions why this might be the case?

update: i fixed the issue. I just recreated the proj with empty files and then just rebuild and it worked. one question: when i start the program (its a console app) how do i stop it from disappearing when i try to enter any input from within vs2008?



Make sure the debug command

(Properties > Configuration Properties > Debugging > Command)

is pointing to the output file built by your selected configuration.

(Properties > Configuration Properties > General > Output Directory),

(Properties > Configuration Properties > Linker > General > Output File)

  • looks like even though the build was a success the binary was not created. can that happen that a program compiles and links yet fails to produce a bin exe? Feb 15 '10 at 20:02
  • What type of project are you building? (Properties > Configuration Properties > General > Configuration Type) Feb 15 '10 at 20:06

add a break point to the end of the program or wait for a keyboard hit


The classic way to keep a console app from exiting is to add another input query so the program pauses until enter is hit.


I just had this problem, maybe it'll help some one as frustrated as I was. I was just hitting f5, which debugs the program. I went to Debug -> Build Solution, or f7 and it built it and now I can press f5. Super tiny little thing. It normally works if I just press f5, but I'll hit f7 first now.


Go to the debug folder to see what .exe file build. after that rename your solution name to your .exe file name to solve your problem.

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