What script, tool or framework should i use to populate live data like jenkins build queue , gitlab commits, or open jira work items into the admin dashboard (see this for a theme) - CORS, jquery, jasonp , feeds2js ?

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1. Learn Bootstrap

You need to visit and read and understand all examples/components/css features provided by Bootstrap. Before you do anything else read go here - http://getbootstrap.com/

You will need to understand atleast the following first

2. About your theme

Now once you have done that, next is understanding the theme you have mentioned about. Its a theme from BootstrapMaster and the theme you seem to be using is Acme dashboard.

Your theme uses a lot of 3rd party plugin all of which are listed under the "External components" header here: http://bootstrapmaster.com/themes/admin-dashboard/acme-dashboard-responsive-admin-template/

3. External Components

Its uses many 3rd party components few of which are listed below

The list really could go really big. The easiest way would be to inspect the component you need to know about, it will give away a hint of which plugin it uses from the list. And incase you have bought this theme you could ask the support they will be able to help you better.

Hope this helps.

  • Flot charts and jquery sparklines are helping me have a plumbing between tools and extract real time data.. Thanks! – holyAsh Mar 27 '14 at 17:39

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