In my application there are posts which are going to expire in certain time of a day.

After the expiration the customer needs to notify through emails.

I have used Rails cron whenever for in each 1 minute and it makes expire the post at the specified time and sends the email to customers.


every 1.minutes do
  rake "ad_has_expired_task"

Will be this a better way?

Any help is appreciated.


  • I think that's fine. Another option would be to use delayed_job or sidekiq to add a scheduled email on the time of expiration.
    – jvnill
    Mar 27, 2014 at 12:44

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For small app, this way is good, but for a bigger app, that may keep cpu busy.

Here is a solution from my site.

gem sidekiq
gem whenever

in scheduler.rb

every 1.day do
  rake "scan_expired_task"

in rake taks scan_expired_task.rake

if post.will_expire_today
   MyMailerWoker.perform_async(related_user_ids, post.expired_at-Time.now)

Then you write your mailer program in your MyMailerWoker

The codes above can't be executed directly, you need to customize it by your business.

Hope it helps.



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