In my Eclipse workspace, I have two projects, projectA and projectB. projectA is in a different folder from projectB (separate git repositories, not near each other on the file system). Is there any way for gradle to apply projectB to the classpath of projectA using the gradle plugin for eclipse?

Project A's build.gradle

apply plugin: 'java'
dependencies {
    compile 'myorg:projectB:+'

Project B's build.gradle

apply plugin: 'java'

publishing {
    publications {
        ivy(IvyPublication) {
            organisation 'myorg'
            module 'projectB'
            revision '1.0-SNAPSHOT'
            descriptor.status = 'integration'

            configurations {
                archive {} 

            from components.web
    repositories {
        ivy {
            url "/path/to/repo"
            layout "pattern", {
                ivy "[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[module]-[revision].xml"
                artifact "[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact](-[classifier])-[revision].[ext]"
  • You could manually do this by manipulation the eclipse.classpath.afterMerge or eclipse.classpath.withXml but I guess this is not what you want? – Andreas Schmid Jan 2 '15 at 11:26

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