I am using the Sphinx autodoc feature to generate documentation based on the docstrings of my Python library.

The syntax for cross referencing is found here

A label must precede the section in order to allow that section to be referenced from other areas of the documentation.

What I have is a .rst (ReStructeredText) file for one of my classes. It uses

.. autoclass:: classname

To generate documentation for the class.

My question is, how would I reference the auto-generated methods of the class from another .rst document in the documentation? If I try to place a label within the method's docstring, Sphinx complains. If I try to place a label before the method heading, Sphinx doesn't recognize it.

Is there a simple way to do this, or will I have to explicitly write in my class file the method name and precede that with a label?

Here is an example a reference within the [Python documentation2 doing what I need (I am assuming it used the autodoc feature, though I don't know for sure)

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    The title asks about functions, yet the body and answer about methods. I'd hoped there would be an answer for referencing an .. autofunction:: but alas it's not here.
    – JFlo
    Feb 13 '19 at 16:51

You don't need to add labels. In order to refer to a Python class, method, or other documented object, use the markup provided by the Python domain.

For example, the following defines a cross-reference to the mymethod method:


Or even simpler (since the Python domain is the default):


The documentation of TextWrapper.wrap that you link to in the question includes two cross-references of this kind (click on "Show Source" to see the reST markup).

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    And :mod:… for modules. Aug 18 '18 at 18:02
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    And :func:… for functions. A complete list of how to cross-reference Python roles is here.
    – JFlo
    Feb 13 '19 at 17:02
  • This will only work by accident, if the other module is hosted on readthedocs. If it's hosted elsewhere (which is very likely to happen for anything that has native code dependencies, as those are impossible to host on readthedocs), that's not a solution.
    – wvxvw
    Aug 3 at 14:29

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