I'm having a hard time finding any recent info on how to add a listener for "Ctrl+C", fetching clipboard data, and then writing back to clipboard all in a Chrome Extension. All of the old code that i found was for the older versions that are now deprecated.

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Basically you can manipulate clipboard using document.execCommand('paste|copy|cut').

  • You'll need to specify "clipboardWrite" and/or "clipboardRead" permissions in manifest.

    "clipboardRead" Required if the extension or app uses document.execCommand('paste').

    "clipboardWrite" Indicates the extension or app uses document.execCommand('copy') or document.execCommand('cut'). This permission is required for hosted apps; it's recommended for extensions and packaged apps.

  • Create <input> element (or <textarea>)

  • Put focus to it
  • Call document.execCommand('paste')
  • Grab you string from <input> value attribute.

This worked for me to copy data to clipboard.

  • Can I use 'paste' to pull data from the clipboard? Mar 28, 2014 at 1:35
  • Yes, it should work. I've updated answer. Otherwise I don't see why chrome will need clipboardWrite permission. Mar 28, 2014 at 1:38
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    To paste the clipboard content, you need the permission to read the clipboard, not write.. I updated the answer. To make il clear: If you want to copy to the clipboard, you need the write permissions Mar 13, 2017 at 6:10
  • Added both examples Mar 13, 2017 at 6:18

In order to read Clipboard text in a chrome extension, you have to:

  • request "clipboardRead" permission in your manifest
  • create a background script, since only the background script can access the clipboard
  • create an element in your background page to accept the clipboard paste action. If you make this a textarea, you will get plain-text, if you make it a div with contentEditable=true, you will get Formatted HTML
  • if you want to pass the clipboard data back to an in page script, you'll need to use the message-passing API

To see an example of this all working, see my BBCodePaste extension:


Here is one example of how to read the clipboard text in the background page:

bg = chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage();        // get the background page
bg.document.body.innerHTML= "";                   // clear the background page

// add a DIV, contentEditable=true, to accept the paste action
var helperdiv = bg.document.createElement("div");
helperdiv.contentEditable = true;

// focus the helper div's content
var range = document.createRange();

// trigger the paste action

// read the clipboard contents from the helperdiv
var clipboardContents = helperdiv.innerHTML;
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    In background.js you don't need to get and use the variable bg, just use document. Jan 15, 2020 at 8:45

Here is a very simple solution. All it requires is for your permissions to include "clipboardRead" and "clipboardWrite". The copyTextToClipboard function is taken from here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/18455088/4204557

var t = document.createElement("input");
var clipboardText = t.value; //this is your clipboard data
copyTextToClipboard("Hi" + clipboardText); //prepends "Hi" to the clipboard text

Note that document.execCommand("paste") is disabled in Chrome, and will only work in a Chrome extension, not in a web page.


Best workable examples I found are here below example worked for me, sharing here so that someone can get help

function getClipboard() {
    var result = null;
    var textarea = document.getElementById('ta');
    textarea.value = '';

    if (document.execCommand('paste')) {
        result = textarea.value;
    } else {
        console.log('failed to get clipboard content');

    textarea.value = '';
    return result;

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