Meteor 0.8.0 is out with the new Blaze rendering, which is great... for the future.

At the present I can't run my Iron Router powered app: updated -> ran meteor -> white browser screen. I guess I'll roll back to 0.7.2. but that gives me a fuzzy feeling. Its like have a new computer with no internet connection. Is there any fix for these changes? At least for Iron Router?

Note Comment (although it was in the title): I am learning meteor using the Discover Meteor book, it's a great book written by same author of Iron Router; I love it. However, if meteor changed that much am I wasting my time?

Update @iAmME's solution works great! I solved it another way that also fixed iron-router-progress by modifying the smartpackage. Just wanted to post it if it helps anyone:

  "packages": {

      "blaze-layout": {},

          "git": "https://github.com/EventedMind/iron-router.git",
          "branch": "blaze-integration"

          "git": "https://github.com/Multiply/iron-router-progress.git",
          "branch": "blaze-integration"


Just faced the same issue,

Did the following and works fine

It occurs mostly because of the iron-router package and few other packages which are using spark as dependency and first re-install the iron-router like below

meteor remove iron-router
rm -rf packages/iron-router
mrt update
mrt add iron-router

Just re-installing the iron-router will update you to the new version and also it installs blaze-Layout automatically with the iron-router(which is the new templating system).

After updating iron-router,Even now if you are getting spark is not defined error,check which package is using spark and update those packages too.

  • Used mrt add iron-router in the last line. Works great otherwise. Mar 28 '14 at 6:29
  • Is this the proper way to remove and reinstall any mrt package?
    – Nearpoint
    Mar 30 '14 at 15:46

You have to update your iron-router package. Check out the Iron Router github page https://github.com/EventedMind/iron-router for information on what's new in their 0.7.0 release. It works for Meteor 0.8.0.

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