How to run Automated selenium tests in Mac OS 10.8 with firefox 17.0.1 using Xvfb(X-virtual frame buffer) Anyone help me regarding this configuration.

  • check this link Feb 26, 2018 at 8:09
  • This question is extremely broad - can you update the question with details about what you have tried, and what part is not working? Mar 29, 2018 at 15:04

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I don't think such old Firefox version is still relevant. But for those who still want to use old Firefox versions - take a look at Selenoid project. This is a lightweight Selenium-compatible server coming with a set of prebuilt Docker images for all Firefox versions starting with 3.6. All images include Xvfb inside, so this solution is completely headless.


Will you try adding this option to your binary of Firefox if you are using binary of Firefox.


If you are not using binary and using driver as new Firefox driver then

 FirefoxOptions fireFoxOptions = new FirefoxOptions();
 DesiredCapabilities firefoxcapabilities = DesiredCapabilities.firefox();  
 WebDriver firefoxdriver = new FirefoxDriver(firefoxcapabilities);

Also, this is a very old version of Firefox I will prefer upgrading the version if you don't have any restrictions upgrading it.

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