I am unable to create a Ubuntu container using lxc 1.0.0.apha1 version on Ubuntu 13.04 raring. Is there anything obvious that I am missing here

root@ubuntu:~# lxc-ls --fancy

root@ubuntu:~# lxc-version
lxc version: 1.0.0.alpha1

root@ubuntu:~# lxc-create -t ubuntu -n u_1
getopt: unrecognized option '--rootfs=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxc'
lxc-create: container creation template for u_1 failed

lxc-create: Error creating container u_1

Installed lxc 1.0.0.aplha1 on Ubuntu 13.04 using the following command

root@ubuntu:~# apt-get install -y liblxc0/raring-backports python3-lxc/raring-backports lxc/raring-backports
  • Have you tried 13.10 by any chance ? Is it 13.04 related? – Rico Mar 29 '14 at 6:37
  • 1
    I concur with @rico — I wouldn't recommend 13.04. Use 12.04 LTS (it's LTS, so it's very well supported). If you need something bleeding edge, use 13.10, or better, 14.04 (which will very soon become the new stable LTS). – jpetazzo Apr 1 '14 at 22:43

Alpha version is generally not stable. In last year LXC changed quite a lot, Ubuntu 14.04 ships with lxc 1.0.5, and this command should work:

$ lxc-create -t ubuntu -n u_1

(creates container from ubuntu template with name u_1 in directory /var/lib/lxc/u_1)


I really like LXC but I don't like lxc-create. Depending on a script to generate a rootfs, seems wrong to me (script can fail, they must be maintained, etc.) Docker are building a huge database of root file systems, optimised for container usage, and they can be used with LXC. Checkout dlrootfs to avoid using lxc-create again.

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