I'm trying to catch mouse click events in my python code (not just clicks in a Gtk window I created but anywhere in the screen). After some search, I found a thread talking about xlib (great, a dependency I already had).

from Xlib import display, X

display = display.Display()
root = display.screen().root
root.change_attribute(event_mask = X.ButtonPressMask | X.ButtonReleaseMask)

while True:
    event = root.display.next_event()

The problem is that this chunk of code is throwing an error and I just can't find good documentation...

X protocol error:
<class 'Xlib.error.BadAccess'>: code = 10, resource_id = 146, sequence_number = 9, major_opcode = 2, minor_opcode = 0

If you have any idea for this error or another way do this, it'll help really!


BadAccess here is because "An attempt is made to select an event type that only one client can select at a time when another client has already selected it."

From x11 protocol documentation, ChangeWindowAttributes request (opcode 2 is this request code, resource id=146 is your root win id):

Multiple clients can select input on the same window; their event-masks are disjoint. When an event is generated, it will be reported to all interested clients. However, only one client at a time can select for SubstructureRedirect , only one client at a time can select for ResizeRedirect, and only one client at a time can select for ButtonPress. An attempt to violate these restrictions results in an Access error.

Try to select ButtonReleaseMask only as a possible solution

  • Thanks, that is actually solving the error problem (and your link is in my bookmarks now). But I still can catch mouse press/release events...
    – user1321425
    Mar 29 '14 at 9:45

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