I have been trying to get basic JSONP working in Dart and I am getting stuck. Reading this blog post as well as this this blog show that I should use window.on.message.add(dataReceived); to get a MessageEvent and retrieve data from the event.

Dart complains that "There is no such getter 'message' in events". In addition, I looked up different ways of getting a MessageEvent but it seems to be something completely unrelated (WebSockets?) and is not what I actually need.

If anybody can explain what is going on and how to really use JSONP in Dart, that would be awesome!

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The syntax has changed

  • I went through all the methods and still somehow missed that one... thank you! – Jonfor Mar 29 '14 at 21:57

You don't need to use what is described in the articles you point anymore. You can use dart:js :

import 'dart:html';
import 'dart:js';

void main() {
  // Create a jsFunction to handle the response.
  context['processData'] = (JsObject jsonDatas) {
    // call with JSON datas

  // make the call
  ScriptElement script = new Element.tag("script");
  script.src = "https://${url}?callback=processData";

I recently wrote a blog post on this myself as I was running into similar problems.

I first cover a few prerequisite things like Verifying CORS Compliance and Verifying JSONP Support

I too ended up registering with the updated method:


I then had a fairly simple method to dynamically create the script tag in Dart as well (my requirement was that I had to use Dart exclusively and couldn't touch the website source files):

void _createScriptTag()
    String requestString = """function callbackForJsonpApi(s) {
        window.postMessage(JSON.stringify(s), '*');
    ScriptElement script = new ScriptElement();
    script.innerHtml = requestString;

I then invoked it from Dart with some simple logic that I wrapped in a method for convenience.

void getStockQuote(String tickerId)
    String requestString = "http://finance.yahoo.com/webservice/v1/symbols/" + tickerId + "/quote?format=json&callback=callbackForJsonpApi";

    ScriptElement script = new ScriptElement();
    script.src = requestString;

If you are using dart:js I find Alexandre's Answer useful and, after upvoting Alexandre, I have updated my post to include the simplified version as well:

context['callbackForJsonpApi'] = (JsObject jsonData) 
  //Process JSON data here...

This obviously eliminates the need for the onMessage and _createScriptTag above, and can be invoked the same as before.

I decided to keep both approaches, however, as I have noticed over time the Dart APIs changing and it seems to be a good idea to have a fallback if needed.

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