I have create Outlook add-in for the client. I have created the setup project for that. When I run my setup file it prompts for the trust and show Publisher : Unknown. And after installation when I open Outlook it again prompts for VSTO trust and again shows Publisher: Unknown.

My questions are:

  1. My client has SSL certificate from GoDaddy. Can I use this certificate to sign my code?
  2. If I sign my code using the SSL Certificate, Will both the publisher became known?
  3. I have found something to add certificate in project using project property > Signing > Add Certificate from file. Will this help me to sign my setup file and my VSTO file?

I have searched on google for this but it confused me more.
Can anyone help me to solve this?
Thanks in advance...!


You can't use an SSL certificate for code signing. Check this SO question for details: What SSL certificate do I need?

In regard to 3), you are probably refering to giving an assembly a strong name. This is different from code signing and serves a different purpose.

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