I am using minimal-json to parse a JSON stream in Java. This framework has a number of methods to read a number form the stream: asInt(), asLong(), asFloat(), and asDouble(). Assuming that I don't know what is the numerical type of the element, what method gives me the best accuracy? I'm asking this because I fear that reading all elements using asDouble() can cause loss of information. Is this a wrong assumption?


Assuming that you know that the numbers aren't going to be massive, I would use a float because its a smaller memory size. the last response on this stackoverflow question is the reason I would say use float. But if you aren't certain use a double: float and double


If a 64-bit long is written as an integer, and is greater than 2**53 (IEEE double has a 52-bit mantissa), then reading it as a double will lose precision.

One could make an argument, though, that storing such a number in JSON is the writer's error, because Javascript does not have 64-bit integers, only doubles.

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