I'm using Flexi-auth library for user authentication with codeigniter, General login is working properly. Does Flexi-auth support third-party(google/yahoo) login? if yes how to do?


I've looked through the documentation for a while and can't find an official way to actually accomplish this. However, from looking through the code I found that the user is actually logged in through a call to a function called set_login_sessions. The function is private to the Flexi_auth_model class, however.

If you're absolutely sure you wouldn't introduce any vulnerabilities you aren't already taking care of some other way, you can define your own method along the lines of:

public function login_3rd($identity = FALSE) {
     // Check logins, activation, suspensions etc like `Flexi_auth_model::login`

     // Confirm the login with the OAuth service

     // Query the DB to get the user

     set_login_sessions($user, FALSE);

Most of this is pretty much just like the login function but adjusted for 3rd party authentication.

It is important that you set the $logged_in_via_password argument to FALSE when calling set_login_sessions. There are some sensitive areas on a web application (like withdrawing money or something) that should require the user to have entered the password before going through. This prevents a friend who re-opens your browser (or someone who gets your session via malicious means) from having access to certain things. Flexi-auth provides a is_logged_in_via_password that allows you to check this. But it won't work if we don't tell it the truth.

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