I want to port a Bode Chart application from PC to Android devices. I found this library (GraphView) to plot in a simply way in Android. The only problem that stop me is that I cannot find a solution to set a logarithmic scale for my graphs. I need it because they're supposed to be in a Bode Chart for the correct plotting. In the other Java libraries for PC plotting I used simply a method called setDomainAxis and I give to it a NumberAxis or in my case a LogAxis. I found out a method to set min and max range value but no min and max domain value method founded and no reference in their documentation. Did someone find a fix, a solution to this scaling problem? Thanks to anyone in advance.


I made a simple solution using native components to plot a Logarithmic background and plot here, so, no third party library dependencies.

To smooth-out the curves, you can use any available Bezier Curve alogorithm.

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This should work out of the box, but you can do the trick yourself with label formatting and feeding in skewed data. There is a demo on label formatting here:


You feed in the logarithmic data, and for the labels you do the corresponding (reverse, I believe) transformation in the setCustomLabelFormatter method for the y axis.

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