I want to install RVM in ubuntu and i am folling these steps

root@jaskaran-Vostro-1550:/home/user_name# sudo apt-get install curl

done this successfully

root@jaskaran-Vostro-1550:/home/user_name# curl -L https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable

done this successfully

but when i run this command

root@jaskaran-Vostro-1550:/home/user_name# source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm

result like that

bash: /root/.rvm/scripts/rvm: No such file or directory

what wrong in this


I was installing RVM on a remote server today and had the same issue. It seems that the installation was not executed by default. This is what I did to solve it:

curl -L https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable

  # In case rvm not found
  cd ~/.rvm/archives
  tar xvzf rvm-1.26.0.tgz # or whatever RVM version you have
  cd mpapis-rvm-xxxxxxx
  cd ..
  rm -Rf mpapis-rvm-xxxxxxxx

source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm
echo "source ~/.rvm/scripts/rvm" >> ~/.bashrc

Try looking in /usr/local/rvm instead. You're root, it installs differently as root.

Are you sure you want to install RVM as root? It's typically a user thing.

  • For me it had installed in /usr/local/rvm, but when I run the command source /home/{username}/.rvm/scripts/rvm it again says not found. But I wanted this to be installed on the user, which when tried gives error as unsafe user. – Puneeth Feb 19 '16 at 7:09

If you installed rvm from root, try:

source /usr/local/rvm/scripts/rvm

The scripts folder is inside the zipped directory, so first we need to extract it and then run the command. Do the following things.

cd ~/.rvm/archives
tar xvzf rvm-1.26.0.tgz # or whatever RVM version you have

This will extract the folder, and in this, there will be a folder named scripts. Now run the following command.

source ~/.rvm/archives/rvm-1.26.11/scripts/rvm

And you are done.


me too got the same issue and get it resolved by simply changing my user from root to another normal user, i'm using ubuntu subsystem in windows 10

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