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I don't know how should I get the current request protocol in PHP. I haven't found any straight $_SERVER key for this. I don't want a straight string split out of current request.

For instance:



echo $_SERVER["protocl"];

// http

What should be done?

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is what you're looking for (please pay attetion, this will also return protocol version)

A workaround could be something like

$protocol_version = $_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"];
$protocol = strpos($protocol_version, 'HTTPS') === false ? 'http' : 'https';

or (more general solution)

$protocol = explode('/',$_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"])[0]; //!! valid only in php > 5.3 !!
$protocol_array = explode('/',$_SERVER["SERVER_PROTOCOL"]);
$protocol = $protocol_array[0];

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