why not return Map< String, List< String > >

if it returns Map, user can easily query by key to get whatever they want. otherwise user should iterator the whole list to find what they want.



Because this is a list. If you read carefully the explanation, says:

Returns a list of NameValuePairs as built from the URI's query portion. For example, a URI of http://example.org/path/to/file?a=1&b=2&c=3 would return a list of three NameValuePairs, one for a=1, one for b=2, and one for c=3.

That means that you cannot use a list to acces by value, because these type of data structures aren't designed for that. They doesn't have any "key" to use.

In this website, Jon Skeet wrote a very clear answer about you cannot use a shortcut to acces a List<NameValuePair> value using a name or a key or for similar structures.

Here you can check the post: Get ArrayList<NameValuePair> value by name

Inside of the same post, you'll see different options to solve your problem. (Or could guide to you to find the solution)

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