I want to load a spinner when my account page is loading, it is taking a bit time to load "myaccount" page so i want to load a spinner using spinner atmosphere package.

Here is my code,where do i need to add {> spinner} to load the spinner

this.route('myaccount', {path:'/myaccount/',
            fastRender: true

for myaccount,it need to contact 3rd party api to load some data to page.

Suggest me which is the best place to load spinner


If you use NProgress preloader then you can achieve it like that:

this.route('myaccount', {

        self = this;
        self.render('header', {to:'header'});
        // load external data and onComplete (callback) it renders template and stops preloader

Update :

Standard solution for using Spinner with Meteor subscription mechanism is using waitOn function:

<template name="loadingTemplate">

<template name="layout">
      {{> yield region='header'}}
    {{> yield}}
      {{> yield region='footer'}}

  loadingTemplate: 'loadingTemplate',
  layoutTemplate: 'layoutTemplate',
  yieldTemplates: { 
    'header': { to: 'header' },
    'footer': { to: 'footer' }

this.route('myaccount', {
    path: '/myaccount',
    layoutTemplate: 'layoutTemplate',
    data: function() { 
    waitOn: function () {  
      return Meteor.subscribe('...');
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  • Is it automatically take this loadingTemplate or we need to give this in each template – user1934044 Apr 1 '14 at 6:41
  • If you define loadingTemplate in Router.configure then it is global and used by all routes if not overwrite by route itself. – Kuba Wyrobek Apr 1 '14 at 6:51

Iron-router-progress is great!


with this option, it's top

Router.configure progressDelay : 100

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