I try to use nosetests
❯ nosetests '/pathTo/test'

but it uses python 2.7 for my tests:

sys.version_info(major=2, minor=7, micro=5, releaselevel='final', serial=0)

So some of them fails, because they were written in python 3.3.

I work it around and installed virtual environment:

pyvenv-3.3 py3env

Activated it:

source ~/py3env/bin/activate

Check python virsion in virtual environment:

❯ python --version                                                                                 ⏎
Python 3.3.3

Ok. But nosetest still uses python2.7 even in virtual environment:

sys.version_info(major=2, minor=7, micro=5, releaselevel='final', serial=0)

So my tests fails. How to make nose use python3?

  • Are you using nosetests from virtual environment? – Oleksiy Apr 1 '14 at 16:00
  • yes. I activate virtual environment and then in the same console use nose. – Maxim Yefremov Apr 1 '14 at 16:30
  • I would try running manually ~/py3env/bin/nosetests-script.py with your python interpreter and check the results. – Oleksiy Apr 2 '14 at 5:10
  • @Oleksiy no such file or directory: ~/py3env/bin/nosetests-script.py. ~/py3env/bin has the following structure: activate python python3 python3.3 – Maxim Yefremov Apr 2 '14 at 5:18
  • 1
    did you install nose in py3env? – Oleksiy Apr 2 '14 at 5:23

In Python 3.4 and higher versions: in order to make nose use python3 just run ...

python3 -m "nose"

... in the target directory with the tests.

The environment setups are not required.

  • 1
    This is convenient, have you any idea how to pass arguments e.g. nosetests -e my-test? – moreginger Jun 2 '19 at 15:10
  • 1
    @moreginger python3 -m nose -e my-test – qin Aug 21 '19 at 3:22

To install:

sudo apt-get install python-nose python3-nose

To run:

nosetests-2.7 ; nosetests3

This runs the test suite under both PY2 and PY3.


I found way to use nosetests with python3 without environment:

cd /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.3/bin  

And then:

❯ nosetests-3.3 '/folder/with/tests'

nosetests-3.3 uses python 3

That's it.

And if your want use command nosetests instead of nosetests-3.3, add in ~/.bash_profile:

    /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.3/bin/nosetests-3.3 $1

Now you can use:

nosetests '/folder/with/tests'

from any directory. It uses python3.

  • Alternatively, you can link nosetests-3.3: ln /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.3/bin/nosetests-(version-number) /usr/local/bin/nosetests3 – nicolai.tesela Sep 1 '17 at 17:19

This isn't a virtualenv issue as much as a linux issue.

This means that when you use the command nosetests from the terminal, linux looks within it's available paths (/bin, /sbin, or whatever it is by you) for such an executable file.

Your global python 2 nosetests is found first and executed.

Your virtualenv python3 nosetests is later in the available path list and therefore never reached.

I would suggest to only install nose or any other python command per virtual environment.

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