I have two projects within my solution, for this example I will call them project A and B.

Project B references A. Can Project B access the app.config properties of project A?

I wish to access an app key string within the app.config of A.

string tfsUri = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["TfsUri"];

That's generally not a good idea, as you introduce hard dependencies between the projects. So if you can copy-paste config value, that will make your projects self-contained (however, this introduces duplication of config value).

You can also automate this, so that when you build a project the configuration dependency is automatically resolved.

Having-said this, there are other options, and in each case you may prefer to use something else. Your other options are:

  • thanks for this comprehensive answer! – Adrian Jun 25 '17 at 1:44
       var path = @"C:\Users\Stephen\source\repos\SensurityConfigurationTool\Configuration.UI\App.config";
        string directory = Path.GetDirectoryName(path);
        var pathRoot = Path.GetPathRoot(directory);
        string file = Path.GetFileName(path);

        ExeConfigurationFileMap fileMap = new ExeConfigurationFileMap
            ExeConfigFilename = Path.Combine(Path.GetFullPath(directory + "\\" + file))

        System.Configuration.Configuration config = ConfigurationManager.OpenMappedExeConfiguration(fileMap, ConfigurationUserLevel.None);

You basically get the relative path, then convert this to an absolute path

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