I'm trying to install a library, fec-3.0.1, needed for my project. After configuring it, I'm getting this error:

gcc  -g  -02  -I.  -Wall  -march=i686     -c -o viterbi27_port.o viterbi27_port.c
fec.h: Assembler messages:
fec.h267: Error: bad register name '%bpl'
make: *** [viterbi27_port.o] Error 1

Actually, I've encountered such errors several times before, during installation of some other libraries. I'm using Ubuntu Linux on VMware Player as a virtual machine. What should I do?

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    This sounds like broken inline assembly, or misdetected architecture. bpl is only accessible in 64 bit mode. – Jester Apr 1 '14 at 21:47
  • Thanks Jester, I will try that. – Farhat Apr 2 '14 at 11:29

The inline asm in fec.h uses wrong constraints. One possible fix is:

__asm__ __volatile__ ("test %1,%1;setpo %0" : "=qhm" (x) : "qh" (x));

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