I'm trying to create a formula that concatenates the values in two columns in Excel with some custom text.

My formula is:

=CONCATENATE("UPDATE_INVOICE_DATES @id = ", E2, ", @newDate = '",C2,"'")

but my output is a number for the date value. I was expecting my query to be

UPDATE_INVOICE_DATES @id = 2495523, @newDate = '01/07/2008'

but instead there is a 39454 number placed.

enter image description here

How can I concatenate so I get the date concatenated, not a number?


Since dates are stored as numbers in Excel, you should use TEXT function:

="UPDATE_INVOICE_DATES @id = "& E2 &", @newDate = '"& TEXT(C2,"mm/dd/yyyyy") &"'"

note that =CONCATENATE("string1", "string2") is the same as ="string1" & "string2"


To answer your question, use this formula instead:

=CONCATENATE("UPDATE_INVOICE_DATES @id = ",E2,", @newDate = '",Text(C2,"mm/dd/yyy"),"'")

Or you can also try what simoco posted.

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