Here's the Fiddle.

I've created a responsive histogram.

And I wanted to add the data labels to it.

I tried with this code. But it didn't help me out.

            .attr("x", function(d) { return x(d.x); })
            .attr("y", function(d) { return y(d.y); })
        .text(function(d) { return d; })

Please help me in solving this.

I guess I'm doing it all right.

But I don't know why the text elements aren't created yet.

Thanks in advance!!


There are 3 small problems with your code:

  • The .selectAll("text") selects the text elements that were added for the axes, matches the given data against them and your .enter() selection is empty. Hence no new text is added. You can fix this by e.g. assigning a distinguishing class to the text labels.
  • The y position should be height - y(d.y).
  • You probably don't want to show the entire object as a label, but just d.y.

The following code addresses these issues.

        .attr("class", "label")
        .attr("x", function(d) { return x(d.x); })
        .attr("y", function(d) { return height - y(d.y); })
        .text(function(d) { return d.y; })

Complete demo here.

  • Thanks for the briefing. I also wanted to add line corresponding to some value. Suppose think as 240. So if I give flat 240. It's moving 240 pixels. And if i give y(240) it's giving me some value. If i give x(240). It says me x is not defined. Please help me? – user3206082 Apr 3 '14 at 6:47
  • You'll have to give me some more context here. I may be better to post this as a separate question. – Lars Kotthoff Apr 3 '14 at 8:13
  • Here's the link. – user3206082 Apr 3 '14 at 8:29

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