The font-size of the textarea that accepts SQL queries on my phpMyAdmin installation is too small. One workaround I found is to increase the minimum font size in Chrome, but it's breaking the look of other websites.

How can the font size be increased?

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I Had the same problem using phpMyAdmin with xampp.

to fix, go to

xampp > phpMyAdmin > themes > pmahomme > css

open the following file with your text editor


and add the following line to the very bottom of the file

.CodeMirror pre {font-size:1.4em;}

Now save the file and that should do it!

(if phpMyAdmin is using a different theme to pmahomme then just add that line

of code to every codemirror.css.php file you can find!

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    I’ve been looking for this for a long time. Why isn’t there a setting in the application itself? I have also included the line number in my own setup, so I now have something like this: div.CodeMirror pre, div.CodeMirror-linenumber { font-size: 2rem; }. Thanks
    – Manngo
    Sep 1, 2017 at 8:56

Find your phpMyAdmin directory.

   cd themes

You may see more than one theme, and you want to make changes in the theme you are using -- phpMyAdmin lets you choose your theme. I use the original theme, so I made changes there.

Go to the css directory of the theme

   cd original/css /* or your preferred theme */

Use a text editor like nano to modify theme_right.css.php

   nano theme_right.css.php

Search for 2 style definitions

   .CodeMirror pre
   .CodeMirror textarea

Both will show "font-size: inherit" or font-size:inherit!important

Change to

    font-size: 16px; /* or whatever you prefer */

Save and reload phpMyAdmin Note that you may need to clear your browser cache for these changes to appear.

  • This worked for me. Was looking for it to increase the size of my SQL font. Excellent suggestion; I think the other one may be for a different version of phpMyAdmin. Nov 2, 2014 at 13:55
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    In case of phpMyAdmin and Ubuntu 16 I had to add font-size: 16px; into .CodeMirror { ... } in /usr/share/phpmyadmin/themes/pmahomme/css/codemirror.css.php
    – Mike
    Jun 15, 2016 at 11:20
  • Thanks @Mike - same is true for 4.9.7deb1 on Ubuntu 21.04.
    – ATutorMe
    Apr 21, 2021 at 6:33

Go to the css directory of the theme

cd /var/www/html/myadmin11/themes/original/css

Then vi theme_right.css.php

find the "textarea#sqlquery" and change it

 textarea#sqlquery {
 font-size:2em;  /* add this line to what font size you want */
 width: 80%;
 height: 300%;
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If you are using "phpmyadmin 4.8.1" then go to xampp\phpMyAdmin\js\vendor\codemirror\lib, open codemirror.css, find font-size: inherit; and replace it with font-size: 2em;


Click on the Home button under phpmyadmin in left:

Then you can change theme and font size.

  • The only one solution which worked for me and the easyest and fastest one! Should be marked as the principal solution! Dec 11, 2020 at 9:05

on phpmyadmin 4.6 found the ".Codemirror pre" in :



On phpmyadmin 4.9.5 just change the ".Codemirror" in:



font-size: 1.5em;  /* add this line to what font size you want */

Also change the file: "common.css.php" in:


in that file search for and add:

    code {
    font-family: <?php echo $GLOBALS['cfg']['FontFamilyFixed']; ?>;
    font-size: 1.5em; /* add this line to what font size you want */

And that should do it!

With this you will see a better size font on query textarea when edit and to view the query when you are not editing.

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