I want to declare a VARCHAR variable in MSSQL that can hold this

set @RaiseErrorMessage = 
              ('ErrorNumber='+(cast((select ERROR_NUMBER()) as varchar(100)))+
              ,ErrorSeverity='+ (cast((select ERROR_SEVERITY()) as varchar(100)))+
             ',ErrorState='+(cast((select ERROR_STATE()) as varchar(100)))+                                                             
                ',ErrorLine='+(cast((select ERROR_LINE()) as varchar(100)))+
                ,ErrorMessage='+(cast((select ERROR_MESSAGE()) as varchar(100))))

How should the declaration look for an variable like this? I tried

 declare @RaiseErrorMessage  varchar

but it didn't help.

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You'll need to declare the length of the variable:

DECLARE @RaiseErrorMessage VARCHAR(500)
SET @RaiseErrorMessage=' ...... '
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    To add to this, if you're using SQL Server 2008 and above, this can all be set in one line, if desired: DECLARE @RaiseErrorMessage VARCHAR(500) = 'ErrorNumber=[...]'
    – Tom
    Apr 2, 2014 at 16:57

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