I'm new to web development and I don't know an editor with auto completion.

I need such for xhtml,jscript,jquery and css.

It does not matter if commercial or not,so what do the top web developers on SO use for web development?

Thanks in advance!

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If you want to go with .Net, you should go for:

Visual Studio

If you want to go with some languages like PHP, i would suggest you to go for:


If you want to quickly edit documents with good editor options, go for:


Aptana is also growing fast as really cool editor to go for.

These all also have support for:

xhtml, jscript, jquery and css.


Other great resource on StackOverflow


Aptana is also very nice, it fits all your requirements and its autocomplete is awesome.


These two links will be of great value to you.

http://www.microsoft.com/express -- free versions of Visual Studio projects

http://www.microsoft.com/web -- unified installer for the entire MS Web Stack (free versions of Visual Web Developer, SQL Server, and ASP.NET MVC, etc.)

Notepad++ is one of the best tools you can install for doing quick-edits of text based files.

LINQ Pad is a nifty tool.

Expression Studio (again from Microsoft) is good, Dreamweaver is also good -- these are strictly for client side web development

  1. There is a code-snippet for creating a TextBox with auto-complete built into it in this page here (Even though this is a plain TextBox and not a full editor, the concept is the same):


  2. You can also view this article here (for more information on the client events engine I referred to earlier):



I like notepad++ however, in the past I have also coded in Zend Studio and Netbeans.

I suggest that you search for each of these. My favourite at the moment is notepad++ for simplicity, however the others are good because of the inbuilt IDE>


Visual Studio 2008 (and later, presumably) has reasonable intellisense for the things you are looking for as long as the proper files are included in the file you are editing (or its master page).


is editor by W3C is free and is quite good.


If you are new to web development, I dont suggest to start with Visual Studio. You could instal Microsoft Expression and play around with it. It has all nice features. It's commercial.



Jetbrains Web IDE


On some level, the tool of choice goes with the technology... Visual Studio for AsP.NET (or Visual Web Developer) which does have some JavaScript intellisense and great CSS support, Eclipse or other tools for Java (not a Java developer so I don't know them all). Microsoft came out with the Expression tool suite (web); I know it didn't have intellisense but they were considering adding it, don't know if its in the latest version.

The people who made Resharper also made RubyMine which was supposed to be a good JS editor (but it's a Ruby tool so...).

That's what I know of.



You might like HTML-Kit.


I'm using Gnome's gedit for quick changes, and for big projects, Netbeans. Now I'm switching from Netbeans to Eclipse, meanwhile I started to do Android development and I want to use the same IDE for both Java and PHP, JavaScript (hope it has support for jQuery and ExtJS), HTML, CSS.


I would suggest Adobe Dreamweaver


As you are new to web development i will suggest you to go with "Komodo edit". It is simple to use so better for a beginner than complex IDE's like netbeans or eclipse. Komodo provides great autocomplete for HTML5 ,CSS and javascript.Also it is opensource.


Adobe Brackets is a great text-editor based IDE. It is good for front end work. It also offers live editing options.

Webstorm is another one.



You may wanna try Brackets http://brackets.io/

It is light and has lots of plugins(https://www.designbombs.com/best-free-brackets-extensions/) to make your job easy. Plus the "Live Preview" feature comes in handy for web development!

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