I'm currently using JMSI18nRoutingBundle in my Symfony2 project, and it's working fine so far, but I also need the ability to translate the routes itself, for example:

Routes in English


Routes in Spanish


Summing up, I need the ability to define the following in my controllers:

 * @Route("route.my_route/route.whatever/XXX")

Where route.my_route are messages from the translations files:


    my_route: my-route


    my_route: mi-ruta

Does anyone knows if this is possible with this bundle at all? If not, is there any other way to achieve the desired effect?


To self-answer this question, I end up creating my own bundle to handle this special case. Now I can translate routes using a special [] notation, as in:

 * @Route("[route.my_route]/[route.whatever]/XXX")

If you happen to have the very same problem, here is a link to the bundle. Hope you find it useful:


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