I have several projects on GitHub, and they all have the traffic graph where I can view how much traffic my repository is getting.

The blog post I had linked is very vague about visitors. It states:

..how many unique visitors it's had..

I just find it odd that some of my repositories have daily activity, but I'm not sure if most of those views are me, and if they are, why does it say "unique visitors" when i would be the only unique visitor


Does the traffic graph used on GitHub include yourself when navigating through your own source? It's very minor, but I'm genuinely curious if the views I'm getting is myself navigating through the source, or if I have people that are actually browsing through my source.

In specific, the line that shows "Views", not "Unique visitors" because unique visitors will obviously mean new people browsing the repository.

For those who think this is offtopic, re-read the on-topic post. Most notably:

but if your question generally covers… software tools commonly used by programmers


OK I just contacted support and received a response:

Hello -

> Do the numbers in the traffic graphs include your own views? What about the view of contributors?

Thanks for getting in touch! Yes, the numbers include everyone's views including repository owners and contributors. There's no way to filter this information at the moment, but I can definitely add that as a feature request for the team to consider.

Hope that answers your question - thanks!

So it does include your own views, but they might add the option to filter it later.

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    @AnubianNoob I always assumed the 'Unique Visitor' count was based on user ID if the user is logged in. If this is the case, then viewing from multiple computers would only count as a single unique visitor if you are logged in on each computer. If anyone was additional information, please correct me (or confirm). – Mike Covington Oct 1 '15 at 6:41
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    Just found this SO article via Google. Asked GitHub support and they said just now that this is still the case: "That Stack Overflow answer is still correct. Your own views are counted on repository traffic graphs, and there is no way to filter out your own page views of those of other repository contributors" – Matt Thomas Oct 30 '15 at 2:23
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    @AnubianNoob I predicted it in my article Shame-driven development (which I wrote not knowing about the GitHub traffic feature) that it would be depressing to see the number of people browsing our source code (which I called eyeball coverage). I can certainly feel your pain. – rsp Nov 11 '15 at 8:46
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    It would be easy to exclude. if(LoggedInUser != RepositoryOwner) - Obviously, if you aren't logged in then they would have to count it. How stupid that they count you if you are logged in and viewing your own repository. – Michael Z. Apr 5 '17 at 20:53
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    It's been four years! – Abhishek Soni Jan 13 '18 at 6:20

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