how i can set default emulation IE to Edge? In F12 i have selected IE7 and i dont know how return Edge.

IE11 Developer Tools default emulating mode


The easiest way to get your page to render in Edge mode is to include a DOCTYPE on the top of your HTML page:

<!DOCTYPE html>

If you are testing your page locally or on the intranet, you may have to change your Compatibility view settings. These can be found in:

"Tools" (Alt+T) -> "Compatibility View Settings" -> And uncheck "Display Intranet Sites in Compatibility View"

You can also include the X-UA-Compatible tag, which will force the page to EDGE mode.

More information on X-UA-Compatible: http://modern.ie/en-us/performance/how-to-use-x-ua-compatible

If you have any more questions, you visit http://Modern.ie

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    This is a question about the client (not server) - we would like to save your emulation setting so if we return to the page it's remembered.
    – PeterX
    Feb 26 '16 at 3:03

As with MS and specifically IE habit, it's a little more complicated. Look at this article, which refers to here. In a result is thus several ways to achieve what you need.

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