PEP 8 regarding hanging indent:

When using a hanging indent the following considerations should be applied; there should be no arguments on the first line and further indentation should be used to clearly distinguish itself as a continuation line.

Is there any explicit documentation about about "sub-arguments"? For example:

some_method(argument_one, argument_two, argument_three=[

As opposed to:


Preferably links to official discussions only.

  • The best thing to do is strive for readability. Usually that means to follow guidelines, but sometimes not. Apr 3, 2014 at 23:03

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From PEP 8's "Other Recommendations" section:

Compound statements (multiple statements on the same line) are generally discouraged.

With this recommendation in mind, your 2nd example is probably more in line with the PEP 8 style guide, as it avoids compounding the method invocation and list construction on the same line. The 2nd example reads a little easier too.


I realize this question is years old, but I wanted to share my thoughts and the approach that has worked for me, especially because I am legally blind. (I specifically aim for shallow nesting and to keep my function calls as simple and readable as possible.)

In order to avoid potentially tricky readability situations like this, I will actually pre-define the list (or any item that creates a complex, messy function call) as a variable, clearly named with some form of indication that it is temporary:

# Build temp argument to avoid messy function call.
arg3_tmp = [
some_method(argument1, argument2, arg3_tmp)

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