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Why does the speech reco code on this page fall under the constraint of having to ask the user to allow permission every reco session on a non-HTTPS URL:


when the plain jane push-to-talk HTML5 speech input button does not as you can see on this page:


The first sample is the HTML5 rocks sample and does continuous speech recognition. As that page says:

"Pages hosted on HTTPS do not need to ask repeatedly for permission, whereas HTTP hosted pages do."

But I am trying to figure out why HTML5 speech reco audio input behaves different in push-to-talk mode. The second example is my HTML5 speech reco demo page that uses the plain jane web x-webkit-speech button. My sample, that uses the push-to-talk x-webkit-speech button, only has to ask for permission once and from that point on mic usage is allowed, even between completely new browser sessions. What is it about the HTML5 continuous listening sample that puts it in a far more restrictive category?

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